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Billpay FAQ

When will the billpay be available?

Bill pay is now available. To begin using, sign in to online banking and apply for bill pay access.

What is the benefit to using billpay?

Instead of needing to login and enter or store your banking information across multiple websites, with Century's billpay services, you can pay all of your bills securely from one login at anytime.

How do I know if a payment is delivered electronically or by check?

The payee list will indicate a lightning bolt for electronic payees and an envelope for check payees.

How do I setup a bill to be paid?

You can add a new payee by clicking Add Payee and completing the Add Payee form. You will need to search for the payee to add it electronically using the address and information from your most recent bill. If the payee is not available to send electronic payments, you can manually enter the payee details and pay any payee by check.

When will electronic payments arrive?

Electronic payments are delivered to the vendor 2 business days after the Process Date.

When will check-based payments arrive?

Check-based payments are delivered to the US Postal Service on the Process Date. They are mailed from a western United States hub location. Delivery time is dependent upon the location of the vendor being paid and is estimated at 4-7 days.

How do I stop a payment that has been sent?

Contact Century for help. You will need to supply us with the payee name, payment date, and payment amount.

What is the Send Date?

The Send Date is the date you specify to send a payment. As the Send Date may land on a non-business day, our system prepares a payment file a business day prior to the Send Date. The payments are then sent on the next business day for processing.

What is the Process Date?

The Process Date is the date the bill payment processing center prepares your payment for electronic delivery or for deposit at the US Postal Service hub.

What is a business day?

A business day is a day where the Federal Reserve is open for processing electronic payments. National holidays and weekends are not business days.

When will I need funds in my account to pay a bill?

You must have the funds on account before the end-of-business one business day prior to the Send Date. Check payments are similar to writing an actual check and funds will not be debited until the check is presented on your account.